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Today, if you want to be heard in your business niche, having a website is a must. No matter what your local business is doing, a website allows you to easily connect with potential customers in your area and perhaps even attract people nationwide!

If you are thinking about setting up a website, then you are probably also thinking about hiring a web designer. Web design services can be rather pricey though, so you may have some doubts as to whether a web designer would truly help you.
Well, if you aren’t sure if you need to hire a web designer, here are a few benefits that you will be getting with one!

The Benefits Of Hiring A Tulsa Web Designer

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Better website layout

First things first, your website will just look better.

It’s one thing when you, a business owner who likely doesn’t know anything about website design, try to make a good layout. But it’s a completely different story when you entrust your website design to someone who has the experience and knows how to make a coherent, beautiful, and yet simple user interface.

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Higher responsiveness

Many people do not realize this, but gorgeous appearance is just part of the deal. Your website may look absolutely amazing but may also be completely atrocious when it comes to user experience.

It may take ages to load, its layout may break down with different display ratios & resolutions (an especially big problem for mobile users), or its layout may just not make sense to your visitors.

And believe or not, responsiveness actually matters more than looks. Flashy effects or colors may impress once people step foot to your website – but once the wow effect cedes, poor responsiveness will overshadow the positive impressions from the website’s appearance.

Ideally, you should have a website that’s both good-looking and responsive. Well, a high-class web designer will create a website that not only looks elegant but also interacts with the user like a charm.

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Better conversion

Next, better web design can actually improve your conversion rates!

This directly ties back to responsiveness – for example, if someone visits your website from a mobile device and the webpage’s layout breaks, then no matter how amazing your content is, no matter how good you think your website looks, you will probably lose a potential customer.

Some people may be willing to ignore such downsides because they value what you offer more, but you can be sure that most people will just leave and go look for what they need elsewhere.

With that, a responsive and intuitive website will do a better job at retaining people.

But responsiveness isn’t everything – your website should also be built intelligently so that your visitors are guided towards the product or service you want to sell or the piece of content that you want to show.

A good web designer will ask you what you need and will build your layout around your demands. Buttons, calls to action, banners, images– web designers will employ their whole arsenal to ensure that your website converts.

Better SEO

Web design also impacts SEO in some ways. For example, an overburdened, slow website will have poor SEO, and as you probably know, page speed is a ranking factor for search engines (most importantly, Google Search).

There is a little more to SEO in terms of web design, so we won’t cover all its aspects here. But know that an experienced web designer will also ensure the long-term SEO health of your website.

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Time savings

Finally, hiring a web designer allows you to save time.

Building a website is rather time-consuming, especially if you have zero idea of how to do it. And if you yourself invest hours and hours a day into making that perfect look for your audience, you will take away from the time that you could have dedicated to problems that are more important for your company.

Well, by involving a third party – in this case, a web designer – you can shift the burden to someone else and get the chance to focus on the core of your business.

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Is There A Point In Hiring A Web Designer In Tulsa In 2020?

Website building nowadays is easier than ever – there are many website builders available that require zero coding skills from you. These builders have convenient drag-and-drop builders that allow you to flexibly build anything you want, starting from blog pages and ending with sales funnels.
So, given that you can build a website from scratch with no coding, why would you even want to opt for a web designer instead?
Well, while modern website building software can satisfy the needs of some business owners, its capabilities are limited. If you want to avoid code, then you will have to stick to the tools provided by the developer of your tool.
But if you one day need even a small feature that is not supported by your website builder, you may have to dig deep into the code of your website. Alternatively, if you need more customization than a website builder can provide, you could hire a web designer or a web design agency.
A professional web designer will be able to build a website from scratch or improve upon whatever you may have at the moment – and you will not have to learn web development or web design on your own.
Apart from customizability, a web design agency would allow you to save time and effort and focus on your business needs – we’ve mentioned this earlier.

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Our experts also strive to deliver and overdeliver on the 5 points we mentioned earlier – website aesthetics, responsiveness, conversion optimization, SEO, and time savings for you!

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